Review for East by Edith Pattou

Book: East
Author: Edith Pattou
Page Count: 502
How I Found This Book: Goodreads
My Star Rating: 4.25/5

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Wow!! How have I held back from reading this delightful work of fiction until now?

East follows the story of Rose, a young teenage girl, who has always felt like an outsider among her family due to her free spirit and abundance of curiosity. Rose has always longed for an adventure, so when an enormous white bear mysteriously shows up and asks her to come away with him, she readily agrees. The bear takes Rose to a distant castle, where each night she is confronted with a mystery. In solving that mystery, she finds love, discovers her purpose, and realizes her travels have only just begun.

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I adored nearly everything about this beautiful book! Starting with…

  • The involvement of family. It made my heart swell up with joy when I realized that family was a very significant theme in this book. Throughout her life, Rose makes numerous sacrifices for her family members and shows just how much she loves and cares for them. This was very refreshing to see, for in most YA novels parents are portrayed as cruel and abusive and siblings are viewed as cold and distant. And let’s just take a moment to appreciate Rose’s AMAZING dad, Arne. Honestly, if I were to pick my favourite fictional parent ever, it would definitely be him… hands down. He was so loving, tender, and devoted to Rose… AHHH it just warmed my heart!! (:

        Other things I liked…

  • The POV’s of the White Bear and the Troll Queen: I found it so interesting that these two were given 1st Person POV chapters in this book! Even in the original East of the Sun and West of the Moon, I always found these characters to be the most complex and fascinating.
  • The Supporting Characters: I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that the supporting characters in this novel were just as fleshed out as the primary ones! They all had very distinct personalities and behaviours which added a great deal of richness to the story. Tuki and Thor, for instance, were both very fun characters to read about!
  • The Whole Idea of One’s Birth Being Associated With a Certain Direction: I honestly thought that it was genius of Edith Pattou to set her story in a world where characters are spiritually linked with certain directions! The concept of being “east born” or “west born” (etc.) was just so freakin’ cool! I’m wOwEd!

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While I really enjoyed this novel, there were a few things that kept it from being a 5-star read. Those things were…

  • The Pacing (In the Middle of the Book): For the most part, East had sufficient pacing. It was pretty fast most of the time. But the 200 pages in the middle were rather slow. Not tediously slow, but slow all the same. 
  • The Rushed Ending: The conclusion of this novel hit me like a ton of bricks! Things started happening all at once and I couldn’t keep up! Needless to say, I prefer to have endings that are natural and make sense. 

But anyways, disregarding those minor details, East was a great read! I am looking forward to reading its sequel, West, soon! 

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Last day of November! Whoo-hoo! I promised myself that I would write three reviews this month and I’m pleased to say that I did! Horrah! See you in December, everyone!


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