QUARAN-TBR: Books I Plan to Read While I am Quarantined at Home due to the Coronavirus + Life Update

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Wow… a lot has happened within the past week, hasn’t it?

The coronavirus has LITERALLY TAKEN OVER THE WORLD. Not the actual disease, per se, but the insane amount of fear and paranoia there is over it!

This past week alone, things have escalated so incredibly quickly. My school shut down on Friday, and we won’t be back until April 20th! While we’re away from school, we’re supposed to practice social distancing… no attending large gatherings, staying away from public settings as much as you can, etc. That’s over a month of being self-quarantined at home!

Additionally, all big school events have been cancelled as well. I’m a theatre geek, and I was devastated when our director told us our production was being cancelled due to the coronavirus hysteria. It saddens me to think that the months of hard work we’ve put into this show were all for nothing.

Honestly, I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself for these next few weeks.

But, alas, I am forcing myself to look on the bright side. Suddenly, I have tons of free time. And you know what that means… Reading!!! If there’s one good thing to come out of all these cancellations, it’s having the time to check off some titles on my TBR and hopefully discover some new favourite books! So, let’s go through some books that I plan on reading during these next few weeks of self-quarantine.

Introducing my QUARAN-TBR (Yes, yes, I’m very witty, I know πŸ˜‰)!

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So, you might’ve already seen this title on my Spring TBR post from last week, but, naturally, books from both my Quaran-TBR and Spring TBR might merge, as Spring starts in only a few days. In this post, I’m not going to include many repeats of books that I’ve already mentioned in my Spring TBR, since that would defeat the whole purpose of creating a new TBR. I think the main reason why I’m coming up with a new list of books for my Quaran-TBR is because now I have SO much more time on my hands… which changes everything. I can read twice as much in literally a half the amount of time!

Okay, I realize I’m getting off-topic now. I’ve already started Burn Our Bodies Down, and I’m really enjoying it! It’s about a girl named Margot who is trying to unearth the mysterious secrets of her family. OooOooOoOhhh. I really like it, and I’m sure you’ll see a positive review from me in the near future!

Blue-Geometric-Background-3 (2)

This book is massive! It’s the eighth instalment in the Keeper of the Lost Cities saga, a series that I’ve been reading for years now! Sometimes I miss reading children’s fiction, which is why I get so excited whenever a new KotLC book comes out!

Like Burn Our Bodies Down, Legacy is another book I’m currently reading. I’m about halfway through with at least 400 pages to go!

Blue-Geometric-Background-3 (3)

I’ve read both of Sarah J. Maas’s previous series (Throne of Glass + ACOTAR), and though I have mixed feelings towards both, I can say confidently that I really do enjoy Maas’s writing and the way she crafts her worlds and characters. And considering she’s one of the biggest names in YA literature, a new series from her is a BIG DEAL. But from what I’ve heard, Crescent City is actually a new adult series (not young adult). And that confuses me, as I already find Sarah’s YA books to be very racy. So I’m interested to see how this new work of hers will compare.

Side note: I loveeeeee the cover. So you can rest assured that Imma be ordering myself a physical copy of this gorgeous book.

Blue-Geometric-Background-3 (4)

I’ve been wanting to read this book for so long! I’ve heard such great things about it and it gets glowing ratings/reviews on Goodreads.

Plus, now seems like an appropriate time to read it. With all the coronavirus chaos, life seems to be getting sucked up by… well, a black hole. In all seriousness, though, I feel like right now I’m really in need of a raw, emotional read. Since all of our libraries are closed, hopefully I can figure out a way to download this book digitally!

Blue-Geometric-Background-3 (5)

Ooooooh, is that a enemies-to-lovers-trope I smell? My all-time FAVORITE cliche?

When I read the synopsis for the Shadows Between Us, I got so excited! In short, our strong female MC plans to gain power by manipulating the Shadow King into declaring her his queen, only to kill him afterwards and take the kingdom for herself. Sounds so awesome, right?

Tricia Levenseller is a fantastic author and I love her work! I love how her books always include strong female leads and no shortage of action, excitement, and romance. I loved her Daughter of the Pirate King duology, and ever since reading it, I’ve been desperate to get my hands on more of her work!

Blue-Geometric-Background-3 (7)

So I get that this is a pretty popular YA series and that it’s probably a bad thing that I haven’t read it yet… But better late than never, right?

I’ve known about this book for a long time, but I’ve never looked into it due to what I consider to be, er, a trashy cover. But when I read the synopsis, I discovered that The Winner’s Curse might actually be an interesting read! Lesson learned: Never judge a book by its cover.

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What have you been reading amidst all of this hysteria? Or what do you plan on reading soon? Let me know down below!

9 thoughts on “QUARAN-TBR: Books I Plan to Read While I am Quarantined at Home due to the Coronavirus + Life Update

  1. The Reading Fairy says:

    COVID19 really taken over the world. My school canceled the band and choir trip to NY and I’m really sad about that because it would have been so fun to go. They also canceled anything before and after school activities till April 6th, and canceled school till March 31st. I get to have fun go do online school for a week. Being quarantine really sucks, because it’s still day 3 for me and I’m bored out of my mind. My library is closed till April 6th.

    I’ve only read The Winner’s Curse. I wasn’t a huge fan of it, but I hope you enjoy it. I’m eagerly waiting for a copy of The Shadows Between Us and House of Earth and Blood

    I haven’t read any of these books, but I’m eagerly waiting for a copy of House of

    Liked by 1 person

    • Octavia @ Mythical Reads says:

      Aw, I feel for you! Our band trip to disneyland was cancelled, which I was really upset about in addition to the musical being cancelled. I hope online school is going well for you. We start it on Thursday, and I have no idea how it’s going to go. I’m actually looking forward to it so I have something to do. I’m so so bored!

      I have doubts about the Winner’s Curse because I’ve heard mixed things, but hopefully I enjoy it! And yessss I need copies of both of those books too!

      I hope the rest of your week goes well! Stay safe and healthy! ❀

      Liked by 1 person

    • Octavia @ Mythical Reads says:

      Thank you! I agree, this will end, and in the meantime we must all focus on staying safe and healthy! ❀


  2. may says:

    it’s so scary what’s been going on all over the world and i hope you’re staying safe and healthy. i hope you’re able to make it through this quarantine with great books

    i absolutely cannot wait to hear your thoughts on house of earth and blood, im trying to pick it up myself but im so intimidated by its size and the new world!!! im going to have to learn lol i just have to stop being a baby about it

    i read my heart and other black holes YEARS ago but i really enjoyed it, i hope it’ll be a great read for you too! THE WINNER’S CURSE IS SO GOOD!!! enemies to lovers excellence and the way the story develops is absolutely incredible i hope you love it

    great post, i hope you enjoy them all and you make it through this ❀️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Octavia @ Mythical Reads says:

      We’ll get through this!! I have hope. In the mean time… books!

      I too am very intimidated by HoEaB because, uh… it’s MASSIVE! Typical Sarah J. Maas with her fricking gigantic books.

      I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed the Winner’s Curse and My Heart and Other Black Holes! Now I’m even more excited to read them! And enemies to lovers is SERIOUSLY the best trope out there.

      Stay safe and healthy, May! Wishing you the best ❀

      Liked by 1 person

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