Mermaid and Siren Book Recommendations

Hey everyone!

As the month nears its end, I thought a great way to finish off #MerMay would be by recommending some of my favorite mermaid and siren books to you all! Mermaids are very near and dear to my heart (hence the blog name), for I’ve been obsessed with them since I was a little girl!

I’m really excited to share all of these amazing books with you! Let’s dive into these fin-tastic tails (three puns in one sentence… that must be some kind of record)!


1. All the Stars and Teeth by Adalyn Grace

All the Stars and Teeth (All the Stars and Teeth Duology Book 1) by [Adalyn Grace]


As princess of the island kingdom Visidia, Amora Montara has spent her entire life training to be High Animancer—the master of souls. The rest of the realm can choose their magic, but for Amora, it’s never been a choice. To secure her place as heir to the throne, she must prove her mastery of the monarchy’s dangerous soul magic.

When her demonstration goes awry, Amora is forced to flee. She strikes a deal with Bastian, a mysterious pirate: he’ll help her prove she’s fit to rule, if she’ll help him reclaim his stolen magic.

But sailing the kingdom holds more wonder—and more peril—than Amora anticipated. A destructive new magic is on the rise, and if Amora is to conquer it, she’ll need to face legendary monsters, cross paths with vengeful mermaids, and deal with a stow-away she never expected… or risk the fate of Visidia and lose the crown forever.

Why You Should Read It:

If you like mermaids, but you’re not really obsessed with them, this is the book for you. It has a hint of mermaid magic, but the overall storyline focuses on something entirely different. One of the four main characters is a mermaid, but we also have a princess, a pirate, and a stowaway! How fun does that sound? All the Stars and Teeth was one of the books I read for #MerMay this year, and it was an easy five-star read! I’m dying to get my hands on the sequel that comes out next February!

2. To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo

To Kill a Kingdom by [Alexandra Christo]


Princess Lira is siren royalty and the most lethal of them all. With the hearts of seventeen princes in her collection, she is revered across the sea. Until a twist of fate forces her to kill one of her own. To punish her daughter, the Sea Queen transforms Lira into the one thing they loathe most–a human. Robbed of her song, Lira has until the winter solstice to deliver Prince Elian’s heart to the Sea Queen and or remain a human forever.

The ocean is the only place Prince Elian calls home, even though he is heir to the most powerful kingdom in the world. Hunting sirens is more than an unsavory hobby–it’s his calling. When he rescues a drowning woman in the ocean, she’s more than what she appears. She promises to help him find the key to destroying all of sirenkind for good–But can he trust her? And just how many deals will Elian have to barter to eliminate mankind’s greatest enemy?

Why You Should Read It:

This book is dark, bloody, and full of siren lure! To Kill a Kingdom is easily one of my favorite books EVER, and I can’t gush enough about it. Fun fact: it’s actually the inspiration behind my blog name, Mermaid Reads (though in TKAK, mermaids and sirens are actually two incredibly different species 😂). If you haven’t read this book yet, I highly encourage you to pick it up! Even if mermaids and sirens aren’t really your forte, I think there’s a good chance you’ll still love it!

3. The Siren by Kiera Cass

The Siren by [Kiera Cass]


Kahlen is a Siren—bound to serve the Ocean by luring humans to their watery graves with her voice, which is deadly to any human who hears it. Akinli is human—a kind, handsome boy who’s everything Kahlen ever dreamed of. Falling in love puts them both in danger… but will Kahlen risk everything to follow her heart?

Why You Should Read It:

I picked this book up because it’s by Kiera Cass, the author of the Selection series, and I ended up enjoying it a lot! I read it years ago, so my recollection of it is a bit foggy, but I remember thinking it was a lovely siren romance! Definitely give this one a read if you’re looking for a sweet, lighthearted mermaid love story.

4. The Wild Mermaid by Mel Braxton

The Wild Mermaid by Mel Braxton


Cora was thrilled. Today she would reach Atlantis, and after a long migration she was eager to finish the journey.

But when the Queen appoints Cora as the next soloist, she must take an unusual medication, physic. As the drug reshapes her mind, Cora discovers Atlantis to be far more sinister than her daydreams.

To escape, Cora must navigate the Queen’s palace. Along the way, she is befriended and betrayed. She learns that myths can be lies and tragedies often leave scars.

It’s an adventure that’ll ultimately transform her into The Wild Mermaid.

Why You Should Read It:

The Wild Mermaid is a quick little “tail” that had me hooked from start to finish. The idea behind the story is so refreshing, original, and unlike anything I’v ever read before. This book is set in the mythical underwater city of Atlantis, which we discover may be far for sinister than the legends lead us to believe… The story was fast-paced, thrilling, and filled with endless twists and turns that kept me reading long into the night. I had such a blast reading this one, and I highly recommend picking it up!

5. The Daughter of the Pirate King Duology by Tricia Levenseller

Daughter of the Pirate King by [Tricia Levenseller]


Sent on a mission to retrieve an ancient hidden map—the key to a legendary treasure trove—seventeen-year-old pirate captain Alosa deliberately allows herself to be captured by her enemies, giving her the perfect opportunity to search their ship.

More than a match for the ruthless pirate crew, Alosa has only one thing standing between her and the map: her captor, the unexpectedly clever and unfairly attractive first mate Riden. But not to worry, for Alosa has a few tricks up her sleeve, and no lone pirate can stop the Daughter of the Pirate King.

Why You Should Read It:

Tricia Levenseller has quickly become one of my favorite authors. I’ve read all of her books that have been published so far, and each one makes me fall in love with her writing even more! The Daughter of the Pirate King duology is a fast-paced, swashbuckling adventure that has sirens AND pirates! This series was so much fun to read, and the books are pretty short, so you can read them quite quickly! My only complaint is that the story is incredibly predictable… the title of the second book, The Daughter of the Siren Queen, basically gives away the big “plot twist” in Book 1. But if you’re okay with it being predictable, I highly recommend this wonderful duology!

6. Sea Witch by Sarah Henning

Sea Witch by [Sarah Henning]


Ever since her best friend Anna died, Evie has been an outcast in her small fishing town. Hiding her talents, mourning her loss, drowning in her guilt.

Then a girl with an uncanny resemblance to Anna appears on the shore, and the two girls catch the eyes of two charming princes. Suddenly Evie feels like she might finally have a chance at her own happily ever after.

But magic isn’t kind, and her new friend harbors secrets of her own. She can’t stay in Havnestad—or on two legs—without Evie’s help. And when Evie reaches deep into the power of her magic to save her friend’s humanity—and her prince’s heart—she discovers, too late, what she’s bargained away.

Why You Should Read It:

This was a really interesting interpretation of the Sea Witch’s story. I really loved how the author layered this retelling with hundreds of years of Danish history. It was an interesting touch! Though the story is somewhat slow-paced at times, the writing is beautiful and mesmerizing, which completely makes up for it. This is a very unique take on the classic story of The Little Mermaid that you should definitely go read!


And… there you have it!

A list of all of my favorite mermaid and siren “tails” to wrap up #MerMay (and yes… I’m well aware that I’ve probably used that pun a billion times in this post. 😂 Can you blame me though?)! I definitely encourage picking up some of these wonderfully swashbuckling reads!

What are your favorite mermaid/siren reads? I’m always looking for recommendations!

Thanks for reading, and happy MerMay!

Until next time,

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18 thoughts on “Mermaid and Siren Book Recommendations

  1. Kyla @ Kyla's Library says:

    I haven’t read many books about mermaids/sirens but I do want to read more of them and a lot of these sound great especially The Wild Mermaid. The mermaid/siren books I’ve read and liked are Into the Drowning Deep, Ice Massacre and Atlantia!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Octavia @ Mermaid Reads says:

      The Wild Mermaid was such a fun and interesting read, I definitely recommend it! It’s kind of like a reverse Little Mermaid retelling. I read Atlantia a long time ago, and I was considering putting it on this list, but I honestly don’t remember much about it 😂 I have a copy of Into the Drowing Deep that I’m planning on reading soon! I’ll definitely check out Ice Massacre!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. melbraxton says:

    I feel so honored! I can’t believe I’m seeing The Wild Mermaid next to such amazing publications! I really need to pick up both the Siren and The Sea Witch, both have been lingering on my TBR for far too long. Happy MerMay!

    Liked by 1 person

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