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He has his wings, she needs to build hers.

Wren knew she was weird, but she also believed she was human. When she learns she’s an heir to a House Banae… she also discovers someone wants her dead.

Ezal is cursed with the Blight, his gray wings making him ineligible to be Wren’s suitor. When he is assigned as Wren’s Protector, he welcomes the responsibility, eager to guard her at any cost.

To become Lady Banae, Wren must marry—and quickly! While white-winged bachelors line up to be Wren’s suitors, it’s Ezal who has captured her heart.

Together, Wren and Ezal navigate mysterious attacks and political maneuvers. As danger and death whirl around them, they must forge their own way forward or accept eternal separation.

Wing Builder is a new-adult romance set in a breathtaking sci-fantasy landscape. Expect aerial world-building and a swoon-worthy romance torn by political agendas and unexpected assassins. Wing Builder is a sweeter romance with steamier moments and includes a “happily ever after.” This stand-alone story features a competition between suitors, beautiful dresses, and a woman stepping into her strength. There is also a cat.

Wing Builder was such a fun read!

It’s a lush blend of science fiction and fantasy, and it also contains elements of romance, mystery, and even dystopia! There’s something in it for everyone, so no matter what genre you usually gravitate towards, I think you’ll definitely enjoy this book.

It follows our main character Wren, who has been swept away to Letharia, a beautiful dimension made up of floating islands and winged, angel-like beings, after she discovers that she is the heir to one of the realm’s governing houses. Ezal, our other main character, is Wren’s protector, responsible for helping her navigate Letharian politics, all while they dodge shocking assassination attempts aimed towards Wren. As Wren and Ezal search for answers, they begin to develop feelings for one another… Feelings that neither of them can ignore, even though they are strictly forbidden.

Reading through Wren and Ezal’s perspectives was so enjoyable, since they’re both such likable characters. Wren, for starters, was an amazing heroine, particularly because she didn’t need to act feisty and sassy to be a badass. She was more of a gentle, kind character, but none of that stopped her from being strong and independent, even in a world where she was put at a disadvantage for not having wings. Moreover, I deeply admired Wren’s intelligence, as well as her thirst for knowledge. It was so refreshing to read about a scholarly female main character!

Ezal was a wonderfully written character, too. He’s very strong an noble on the surface, but as I discovered throughout the book, he actually has so many more complex layers. For example, he constantly struggles with feeling unlovable and unworthy, which was both heartbreaking and realistic to read about. That’s the thing I love about Ezal– He’s so real. In fact, he’s probably one of the most realistic, relatable male characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading about!

I really loved Ezal and Wren’s romance, because I found it so beautiful how they constantly lifted each other up and helped each other find their inner strength. Especially near the end of the novel, as things were being wrapped up, I loved how Ezal and Wren continued to support each other, even when their circumstances worked to keep them apart.

In addition to the characters and romance, I also really loved the world-building in this book! The whole idea of magical cordwork was super brilliant, fascinating, and unlike anything I’ve ever read before. The dimensional science was also another well explained aspect of the setting, and I appreciate that the author took the time to research it instead of simply crediting all of the fantastical aspects of the world to magic.

Overall, Wing Builder was a fantastic stand-alone novel that I highly recommend to anyone looking for a quick yet captivating read. With stunning world-building and intricate characters, it’s definitely a book you do not want to miss out on!

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6 thoughts on “ARC Review: Wing Builder by Mel Braxton

  1. melbraxton says:

    Thanks for writing such a well crafted review! I sure help it can help bring readers who want a romance like Wren and Ezal’s to find this book. This world and characters were such a blast to craft.

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